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The decision to transfer away from a relatively safe and secure Defined Benefit Pension arrangement may be the single most important financial decision you ever make.

With so many considerations such as your health, age, levels of debt, assets, investment knowledge and experience as well as other pension provision, the need for guidance and/or advice is greater than ever.

In many instances, it’s a regulatory requirement to take advice.

Unfortunately, general mistrust of financial services, lack of credibility and the increasing risk of falling victim to a pension scam are reasons to exercise utmost caution.

This website doesn not provide financial advice or claims management.

This site/blog is for information purposes only and written freely. The purpose is to ignite debate and strive for transparency.

There are no tacky ads or bogus affiliate links to the latest high returning investments!

We regularly blog and include observations and commentary on the FCA register where you can search for authorised and regulated financial services firms.

Extensive experience encapsulates the ethos of the pension transfer hub.

Projects undertaken have been on behalf of the regulator and clients and projects include:

Deloitte (213218) – Investments, pensions and regulatory remediation

KPMG – Regulatory Review

Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) – Portfolio Management

Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) – Investment/Pension Claims

Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) European Regulatory Remediation

Quilter– Pension Transfer Compliance

DISCLAIMER: The information within this website is not financial or pension advice.

Feedback is always welcome and as an evolving ‘hub’ we welcome any thoughts, comments and topics for discussion.


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