Pensions and Investments – Is The One Eyed man really King?

Most of us have come across the saying ‘In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king’.

If you haven’t, don’t worry. 

You have now!

The saying may come from Judaism’s B’reshith Rabba or from Erasmusus’s Adagia.

Wherever it comes from, you may be asking:

“What’s this got to do with investments and pensions?”

In times of uncertainty and chaos there’s confusion, anxiety and desperation.

Panic is waiting to burst onto the scene. 

The global Coronavirus Pandemic is real. It is gripping the world, which pauses in a state of shock. 

The beginning of a new era, as the global economy collapses around us.

You may look to sound and ‘trusted’ voices that made sense in the past. But suddenly, those voices nervously crackle and seem to reflect your own dark fears. 

Suddenly, they seem fake. Everything seems fraudulent.

Specific to pensions and investments, this means those you trust, perhaps a wealth manager, a financial advisor, a discretionary fund manager, a pension provider, the regulator or an investment managers ask questions and make suggestions such as:

“Is NOW a good time to invest?”

Shill 1

“Here’s how you’ll know it’s a good time to invest”

Shill 2

“Once in a decade opportunities”

Shill 3

“Outstanding stock bargains (once a vaccine for Coronavirus is found)”

Shill 4

“At these prices there are really interesting opportunities”

Shill 5

And so on, and so on.

They must provide soothing and reassurance to stop panic. 

They must say the things you want to hear. They must answer the question in your head.

But these messages can be confusing.

In times of uncertainty and apprehension communications become ‘fuzzy’.

There are conflicting messages, contradictory messages, hypocritical messages and impulsive messages.

Through this haze, Statistical and bold messages really stand out.

You may have been unaware of the messages before. 

Maybe you didn’t pay much attention to them. 

Maybe their subtle use of colour, language and tone manipulated and persuaded you without you consciously being aware of it.

But now you are becoming aware. Whether that’s because you suddenly want to be aware of them, or whether you are away from everyday distractions that usually prevent you from being aware.

Awareness sharpens your senses.

Whatever your belief system, it may be crumbling inside.

Whatever you thought was real, may suddenly seem very ‘surreal’.

But this is not a dream, this is reality.

So, how can you protect yourself?

In many cultures around the world an amulet is worn to keep evil away. 

As time has passed we tend to think of evil as some ‘outdated’ concept associated with biblical stories or Stephen King novels.

Evil has infiltrated our collective psyche. It’s living within the unscrupulous and unethical mindsets that have taken possession of some of our souls. It vomits bad feelings, mistrust, disbelief and creates confusion and despair.

Those ‘analysts’ and ‘investment managers‘ are seated within the subconscious of evil, mainly unaware of the role they play.

Through the pursuit of profit (for profit’s sake) and through the pursuit of greed to fulfil their insatiable animalistic urges to devour. 

And you are the meal.

IF you’re a client of one of the ‘wealth managers’ your portfolio has been destroyed, possibly by poor decision making, possibly by unsuitable advice, possibly by an economic lie. Possibly by all threee.

It won’t ‘come good again’.

What amulet can you wear to protect yourself? Where can you bestow your misplaced trust?

What does the analyst really know?

Can anybody say with certainty what the next price will be? What the percentage gain or loss will be?

No. They cannot. And they lie if they pretend they can.

So, can you really afford to continue in deceiving yourself?

But can you also continue to rely on others for their advice when the very question of existence is in doubt?

Take this opportunity to reflect. Take this opportunity to learn more and most of all to trust yourself.


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