At the pension transfer hub we like to keep track of things.

‘Punting is punting’ and ‘investing is investing’ but when it comes to retirement funds investing for returns whilst maitaining value is a primary objective.

Whilst it’s apprcieated that some risk is necessary there’s a big difference between a hot water bottle keeping you cosy and warm and discussing conspiracy theories on the internet about what hot water bottles can be used for.

If we’re honest it just isn’t easy – regardless of which ‘suit and tie’ your in discussions with, pundit on the web, commentator or whoever is grabbing your attention.

No, it ain’t.

The portfolio managers and theire teams of special case research people have to deliver. 

That’s pressure. 

In the grand scheme of things all the funds that accumulated and invested into other types of funds from all the little people like you and me are aggregated so those more clever can punt – and that’s what makes them clever.

Now, in terms of where to ‘park your funds’ there are plenty to choose from but in this post we’re taking a closer look at an Xtrackers ETF which has provided Japanese exposure complimented by the JPM FUND ICVC SHARES Class C/ JPM Japan Fund. 

There are heaps of Japanese inspired and manufactured ‘stuff’ that has embedded itself as leisure/pleasure consumerables. Just look at any teenager glued to Fortnite (doing funny dances and shooting things) and you will immediately know what I mean. 

Engineering is good – always has been. Ever since those Toyota rust buckets (Toyota Sunnys in the 80s) to modern Toyota Hi Lux builder trucks.

And that’s all without all the motorbike and lawnmower stuff. 

Xtrackers (IE) PLC Accm Shares – 1C-USD/Xtrackers MSCI Japan ESG UCITS ETF 


What is it? 

A passively managed fund with the objective of tracking the performance (before fees and expenses) of the MSCI Japan Low Carbon SRI Leaders Index (index).  

MSCI Japan Low Carbon SRI Leader Index

And – The above index based on the MSCI Japan Index, which is moulded to reflect the performance of certain shares in large and medium-sized listed companies in Japan. 

msci Japan Index USD

Concern with Xtrackers (IE) PLC Accm Shares – 1C-USD/Xtrackers MSCI Japan ESG UCITS ETF 

Looking sloppy since September and will be cushioned in region of 18.65/92 but uncomfortable. There is relentless geopolitical tensions and consumer demand decreasing due to inflation and insecurity.

Xtrackers (IE) PLC Accm Shares – 1C-USD_Xtrackers MSCI Japan ESG UCITS ETF  price May 2021 to October 2021

Been a good number within portfolio but close watch to liquidate maintaining good return. 

Top 10 Holdings? 

The Xtrackers (IE) PLC Accm Shares – 1C-USD/Xtrackers MSCI Japan ESG UCITS ETF is made up of: 

  1. Sony Group Corp 
  2. Recruit Holdings Co Ltd 
  3. Tokyo Electron Ltd 
  4. DaiKin Industries Ltd 
  5. Nintendo Co Ltd 
  6. Hitachi Ltd, 
  7. Takeda Pharmaceutical Co Ltd 
  8. Honda Motor Co Ltd 
  9. KDDI Corp 
  10. Fast Retailing Co Ltd 
Xtrackers (IE) PLC Accm Shares – 1C-USD/Xtrackers MSCI Japan ESG UCITS ETF  Top 10 Holdings as of October 2021

Notable that exposure to other Japanese opportunities is missing.

However, exposure and deep sine within JPM FUND ICVC SHARES Class C/ JPM Japan Fund increases choice and diversifies within Japanese regioin. 

In terms of holdings some crossover but feast on Hoya, Keyence, SMC and Shi-Etsu Chemical 

JPM FUND ICVC SHARES Class C_ JPM Japan Fund TOP 10 Holdings October 2021

Xtrackers (IE) PLC Accm Shares – 1C-USD/Xtrackers MSCI Japan ESG UCITS ETF 

Overall making and shaking all the leisure and pleasure things we like in the West.

As consumer demand dampens a less profitable stable. Homegrown is the agenda it seems, so securing resources and ramping up home brands will have consequence of further disinvestment from this. 


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